The Journal of School Nursing, Ahead of Print.
The circumstances and nature of concussions among youth who play tackle, flag, or touch football are not well understood. This study used data from Utah’s Student Injury Reporting System (SIRS) to explore suspected concussions among K-12 students sustained during participation in football-related activities (tackle, flag, or touch football). Descriptive statistics and chi-square analyses showed that 54.7% of suspected concussions due to football-related activity were among elementary and middle school and 41.3% were among high school students. Most suspected concussions resulted from being struck by or against something (81.9%) and occurred during school-sanctioned games and practices (37.9%), lunch, lunch recess, and recess (34.8%), or physical education class (22.7%). The type of school activity and context for suspected concussions varied by school level. School nurses and others in Utah may use study findings to customize concussion prevention efforts by school level and activity.

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