The Journal of School Nursing, Ahead of Print.
Although enjoyment has been linked to participation in physical activity (PA), a thorough analysis of the concept is lacking. Health-related behavior research emphasizes the necessity of focusing on individual psychological requirements, such as enjoyment in PA, to boost children and adolescents’ motivation for PA. The current paper is a report on a conceptual analysis of the enjoyment of PA among children and adolescents. We adopted the concept analysis procedure by Walker and Avant. Several databases (PubMed, CINAHL, ERIC, PsychInfo, and Sport Discus) were searched and used to extract relevant articles about the enjoyment of PA. The review process yielded a final set of 72 papers. A refined definition of enjoyment in PA, attributes, cases, antecedents, and consequences of enjoyment in PA were presented. A conceptual understanding of enjoyment in PA can enable nurses to plan interventions that help children and adolescents get appropriate PA and improve their health habits.

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