The Journal of School Nursing, Ahead of Print.
Recent trends in vaccine hesitancy have brought to light the importance of using accurate school vaccination data. This study evaluated the accuracy of a pilot statewide kindergarten vaccination survey in Oklahoma. School vaccination and exemption data were collected from November 2017 to April 2018 via the Research Electronic Data Capture system. A multivariable linear regression model was used to evaluate the relationship between students who are up to date for all vaccines comparing school reported and Oklahoma State Department of Health-validated data. Adjusted vaccination data were overestimated by 1.0% among public schools and 3.3% among private schools. These results were validated by a random audit of participating schools finding the school-reported vaccination data to be overestimated by 0.6% compared to true student immunization records on file. Our analysis indicates that school-reported vaccination data are sufficiently valid. Immunization record audits provide confidence in available data, which drives evidence-based decision-making.

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