The Journal of School Nursing, Ahead of Print.
Telehealth can expand and enhance access to school-based health care, but its use has been relatively limited. Recognizing that school-based health care is still not reaching many students, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) funded the School Based Telehealth Network Grant Program to expand telehealth in rural school-based settings to help to increase the availability and use of these services. The 19 grantees delivered telehealth to over 200 schools across 17 states, choosing which services they would deliver and how. Looking across the services, these fell into three categories – primary/urgent care, behavioral health, and other more specialized services. The majority of grantees offered multiple telehealth services with the combination of behavioral health and primary/urgent care the most common. The current study adds to the literature by elucidating that telehealth in schools can address multiple clinical conditions through separate services even though doing so involves using various combinations of clinicians providing different services.

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