Pass the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) on your First/Next Try.

With the New exam format, new question or item types, new model, and scoring system, the NCLEX exam can be more challenging and overwhelming. 

The good news is that you don’t have to go through it alone. At Bola Review, you will have all the tools needed to pass the exam with confidence.

 Bola Review is NGN-ready and offers comprehensive NCLEX® exam preparation materials designed by our nurse educators. 

Our materials include NGN-style practice questions, detailed explanations, expert tips, and more, all designed to help you pass the NCLEX® exam the next time.

Calm the fear. You can do it. We have helped others pass the NCLEX. We can help you too.

Get started with Bola Review today and pass the NCLEX® exam with confidence. 

NCLEX® preparation doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

At Bola Review, we make the hard stuff super easy to understand. Our comprehensive lectures, case studies,
questions, and practice exams, outline a clear pathway to success on the NCLEX®.


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