Who we Are.

Bola Review was established in 2002 through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Our mission is to prepare nursing students to pass the NCLEX-RN® or NCLEX-PN® exam on the first attempt. We have a 98% pass rate and helped thousands of nursing students across the US and CANADA pass the NCLEX-RN® or NCLEX-PN® exam.

What we do.

Imagine this: a staggering 98% NCLEX Review Pass Rate, a testament to the dedication and unwavering support we’ve provided to thousands of nursing students spanning the landscapes of the US and Canada. At Bola Review our NCLEX review materials were developed by expert nurse educators and are up to date with the current NCSBN test plan. Our detailed curriculum covers the core of each system along with test-taking strategies. Our review also includes lots of practical, real-life scenarios to help develop students’ critical thinking skills in determining the best course of action.

NCLEX® exam assumes you are on the floor practicing and expects you to make the best judgment for every problem. Our focus at Bola Review is to change your mindset: go from thinking like a student to thinking like a practicing nurse

Our Mission

Our unwavering mission is to prepare nursing students to pass the NCLEX-RN® or NCLEX-PN® exam on the first attempt.  We empower them with the essential expertise, confidence, and strategies needed to not merely to pass, but excel. We aspire not only to guide them through this pivotal examination but also to instill in them the fortitude, confidence and knowledge that transcend the mere passing of a test, fostering a foundation for their future success in the nursing profession.

Our Vision

At Bola Review, our vision is to revolutionize the approach to nursing education by fostering a community where every nursing student not only conquers the NCLEX exam but emerges as a confident and compassionate healthcare professional. We aim to inspire a paradigm shift in the nursing landscape, shaping individuals who lead with expertise, empathy, and an unwavering commitment to exceptional patient care.

Our Process

Our process at Bola Review revolves around a holistic approach, intertwining cutting-edge curriculum design, personalized mentorship, and rigorous practice. We curate comprehensive study modules, integrate real-life scenarios, and impart test-taking strategies crucial for NCLEX success. Through dynamic engagement, interactive sessions, and continual assessments, we nurture critical thinking and clinical acumen. Our approach focuses on empowering students to think and perform like seasoned nurses from day one of their journey with us.

Pass the NCLEX in 3 Steps!

01 Mastery

We review the core content, develop the critical thinking and application skills you must master to pass the NCLEX®. Our unique approach to reviewing must-know core content is organized, concise and enjoyable..

02 Strategy

We prepare you by teaching NCLEX®-specific testing strategies. We incorporate testing strategies that are specific to the NCLEX® exam. Our testing strategies will help you transition from thinking like a student nurse to thinking like a brand-new practicing nurse.

03 Simulation

We provide challenging, realistic NCLEX®-style questions. Each Simulator exam follows the format of the actual NCLEX®. All of the questions provide students with content-rich rationales and performance scores to boost understanding of content and assess for test readiness.


We have been applying our money back guarantee for well over 20 years. Any student that follows  our guidelines and fails the NCLEX gets reimbursed plain and simple. We understand that NCLEX prep is an investment. We simply wants to show that we too, invest in our students.


Reach out to our office for our NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN Prep trial classes and Questions Bank access. We are confident you will like us after your trial. Call or email us now as seats are limited and fill up very quickly.


After unsuccessful NCLEX attempts, the Lord guided me to you. Your review and tutoring made all the difference. I passed with 75 questions in 1 hour 15 mins. Thank you Ms. Bola.

Jacqueline H

Thanks to Bola Review. In less than 2 years after getting my LPN license I became a REGISTERED NURSE. I did all my pre-requisites and nursing courses through FBS, the school also prepared me for NCLEX-RN exam.

Pierre K

After unsuccessful NCLEX attempts, the Lord guided me to you. Your review and tutoring made all the difference. I passed with 75 questions in 1 hour 15 mins. Great and knowledgeable instructors. I will forever be greatfull to everyone of you.

Anna-Marie C

I am officially a LICENSED REGISTER NURSE. Thank you for your amazing REVIEW. Your guidance and support has been amazing. Thank you for helping me improve. I learnt so much during the review, and at the same time the class was very interacting. Thanks Ms Bola and Mr Felix. May God continue to bless you. Bola Review is the Best!!!

Ethan J

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