The registration fee is nonrefundable, but it can be transferred to another session within one year.


Payment towards the review fee can be 100% refundable before the first day of the review.

After the first day, and a student drops, the review fee is still refundable.

However, the review fee will not be refunded after the second day of the review. Additionally, if a student drops, after completing the second day of the review, and still has an outstanding review fee balance, such balance must be paid in full.


Students are required to follow our curriculum strictly in other to qualify for our money-back guarantee program. Students must adhere to all the terms listed below. Bola Review will give you a FULL REFUND/FREE REPEAT OF THE COURSE if you meet all the terms below and still fail the NCLEX.

   I.  Terms

  • You must complete ALL lectures/classes.
  • You must complete all homework and all assignments as listed in your curriculum.
  • You must attempt and score 75% and above on all weekly quizzes.
  • You must attempt and pass our mock exam with the required recommended score:
  1. LPN – 65% or higher
  2. RN – 75% or higher
  •  You must pay the review fee in FULL, as agreed, at least two weeks before the class is over.
  • You must sit for the NCLEX within 2 months after the review.