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  • Brush up on essential knowledge and competencies
  • Master the latest medical advancements and technologies
  • Access to extensive NCLEX-style questions with detailed explanations.
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  • Expert Guidance: Led by seasoned nurse educators.
  • Guaranteed Support: Access to instructors for queries and guidance.

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If you graduated over a year ago, failed the NCLEX exam, studied online or overseas, or just need a thorough content review, our 8-weeks NCLEX® PN Refresher Course is for you.

This intensive on-campus or live online course includes:

  • Detail review of essential contents
  • Review Textbook/Binder/Handouts
  • Weekly homework/Reading assignments/Tests
  • Mid-term exam and Mock exam
  • Up to 7000 NCLEX style questions
  • Online NCLEX-style Questions for 2 mths
  • Resume and Job Placement assistance for students in selected site

We believe if you made it through nursing school, you have what it takes to pass the NCLEX. Our proven refresher course has guided thousands of students to success on this crucial licensing exam.


Unlimited access to NCLEX Q-Bank

Enjoy (1) one month of complimentary, unlimited access to our question bank of NCLEX-style practice questions. Sharpen your skills and boost confidence with this valuable resource, tailored specifically for your NCLEX preparation success.

Self-Paced Learning for Success

Tailored for your convenience, our Self-Paced program allows you to navigate your NCLEX prep independently. Dive into recorded classes at your own pace and gain access to invaluable study resources.

Learn to Think Like a Nurse


Break down every question type into smaller steps through Bola Review Approach —a method that simplifies every question type into manageable steps. Your direct route to the right answer, now fine-tuned for the Next Generation NCLEX.

Stress-Free Test Prepping


Navigate our Computer-Adaptive Test (CAT) worry-free! Now with upgraded partial scoring, it mirrors the NCLEX exam, adapting question by question. Experience a realistic simulation that preps you for the actual test day.

Unlimited Access, Always


Unlock the NCLEX Channel, your gateway to 24/7 recorded sessions led by our top instructors. Delve into in-depth nursing content and strategic test-taking methods, ensuring you’re fully equipped for success..

Free Access to BR QBank


Enjoy a generous offer of 2 months’ unrestricted access to our online NCLEX® style practice questions, absolutely free. Your direct route to the right answer, now fine-tuned for the Next Generation NCLEX.


After unsuccessful NCLEX attempts, the Lord guided me to you. Your review and tutoring made all the difference. I passed with 75 questions in 1 hour 15 mins. Thank you Ms. Bola.

Jacqueline H

Thanks to Bola Review. In less than 2 years after getting my LPN license I became a REGISTERED NURSE. I did all my pre-requisites and nursing courses through FBS, the school also prepared me for NCLEX-RN exam.

Pierre K

After unsuccessful NCLEX attempts, the Lord guided me to you. Your review and tutoring made all the difference. I passed with 75 questions in 1 hour 15 mins. Great and knowledgeable instructors. I will forever be greatfull to everyone of you.

Anna-Marie C

I am officially a LICENSED REGISTER NURSE. Thank you for your amazing REVIEW. Your guidance and support has been amazing. Thank you for helping me improve. I learnt so much during the review, and at the same time the class was very interacting. Thanks Ms Bola and Mr Felix. May God continue to bless you. Bola Review is the Best!!!

Ethan J

Bola review is a gateway to a successful career in nursing. Their curriculum well simplified and designed in a way that makes it very easy to understand. The teacher is patient, approachable and equally very skilled. The staffs are friendly and they will follow you up to see that you succeed. This is the best review class I have ever attended since my nursing career and I don’t regret it. Thank you Bola for helping me make it big time in my Nclex exam..

Munjong A

Best place to be when it comes to prepare for your NCLEX review. Contetn! Content!

Great knowledge. Dr Bola breaks content in the easy way to understand and process the information.
Thank you Dr Bola, your are the best. I am next on the line on passing my RN.

Nadine D

I am sooooooo grateful for Bola review; their points were very concise and to the point, to help you get all that you need to pass NCLEX. I took the refresher course, and, as someone who failed the NCLEX twice, just 6 weeks of studying with Bola review, I finally passed! After being out of nursing school for almost two years, i thought I’d never pass, but I am highly grateful. God bless you guys; THANK YOU for helping me to not give up on my call to be a nurse! I highly recommend them!

Alicia W

Pass the Next Generation NCLEX® PN exam in 8 Weeks*


Embark on your RN journey with Bola Review by your side.
Enroll today and take the crucial step towards a fulfilling career in nursing!

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