The NCLEX is a critical step for nursing students to become licensed nurses. It is a comprehensive exam that tests a nursing student’s knowledge and ability to provide safe and effective care. With only 30 days left before the exam, it is important to have a focused and efficient study plan in place. Here are essential study tips to prepare you for the coming NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN tests.

Stick to your study plan

  • This month is a good time for you to stick to your study plan. First, get acquainted with what you prepared months ago, and use flashcards to review yourself.
  • If you have a daily schedule, continue studying with the daily plan you set for yourself. Take this opportunity to reduce the volume of your study plan. You can reduce your previous 5-hour study session to a three or 2-hour study session.
  • Are you struggling with over-studying and over-preparing? Make sure to create an effective study schedule.

Eliminate unnecessary plans

  • If you are supposed to take your exam in 30 days, you should be staying away from home and going far from your university and review center. Take this month to stay where you are and study there. Getting a vacation is fine, but committing to a month-long vacation defeats the purpose of your preparation.
  • Choose activities that can help you get the much-needed rest that does not undermine your study schedule.
  • Meet with friends and family over coffee dates and lunch, and connect with them online; they will understand your preparations for your NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN test.

Keep yourself healthy

  • Do not attempt to skip meals, go thirsty, and commit all-nighters. As much as possible, you want to keep yourself normal and healthy. Did you know that a change in your schedule makes you susceptible to an unfocused manner?
  • Take this month as a very precious time to prepare. Even athletes do so to keep themselves ready for the big day.
  • You can do your exercise routine too, but be careful not to overstrain yourself.
  • Maintain your well-being. Our choices make us winners.

Study with your friends

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  • Bola Review adjusts to your needs. Do you need to study at home or in the center to improve your focus? Choose the plan that is best for you.

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